We aim to use our financial resources where they will have the greatest impact to improve the quality of life of future generations. To this end, we identify and evaluate funding opportunities and make grants based on our findings. Below is a selection of our grants and impact investments to date.

  • Cooperative AI Foundation ($15,000,000 committed): Support research that will improve the cooperative intelligence of advanced AI systems for the benefit of all of humanity (website, Nature article).
  • Anthropic (undisclosed amount): Build reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems (website).
  • Center on Long-Term Risk ($1,230,000): Build a global community of researchers and professionals working to ensure that emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence do not risk causing suffering on an unprecedented scale (website).
  • Legal Priorities Project ($89,500): Conduct foundational legal research that tackles the world’s most pressing problems, with a focus on the protection of future generations (website).