Stefan Torges

Managing Director

Stefan is responsible for overseeing CERR and its grantmaking program. He is also Co-Executive Director at the Center on Long-Term Risk. Previously, Stefan studied philosophy, neuroscience, and cognitive science.

Ruairi Donnelly


Ruairi provides guidance on strategic direction and grantmaking.

Daniel Kestenholz

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel is responsible for all operational matters. Previously, he was COO at the Effective Altruism Foundation and acquired experience in civil engineering and development cooperation. Daniel studied economics and philosophy.

Jesse Clifton


Jesse is a Lead Researcher at the Center on Long-Term Risk where he heads the causes of conflict research group. His main research interest is methods for promoting cooperation among AI systems, using tools from game theory and machine learning. He is also a research analyst at the Cooperative AI Foundation, and a PhD student in statistics specializing in reinforcement learning.